Day 20 – out of the loop

Wake up Alice dear!


After a good night asleep in our charming B&B, and realizing it was not a dream, we went down for breakfast.

2012-20-Martirene-Canal-FR-168 2012-20-Martirene-Canal-FR-169

It was so nice. Henri Salvador singing in the back, the sun coming through the window, freshly baked bread, and a cup of coffee. The Inn is actually very beautiful, clean, and with a wonderful view.


We said goodbye to our hosts, Nick and Sue, and went back to the canal where we encountered a distillerie, bridges


locks, ducks, locals and their pets,


and trees, alive and dead.

2012-20-Martirene-Canal-FR-173  2012-20-Martirene-Canal-FR-174

We reached our destination, Carcassonne, where we were going to be picked up by my Editor-in-chief’s good friends, Isabelle & Adam. We locked the bicycles and met Adam next to the canal.

He took us on an amazing tour, starting with a view of Carcassonne from a hill, where you can appreciate the castle, but not notice the tourists. Then through some routes departmentals, we reached little charming villages surrounded by vineyards.

Vineyards as far as one can see! Among the villages there was Lagrasse, with its Abbaye Sainte-Marie d’Orbieu, a wonderful building form the 8th century,


and the cemetery where, Adam said, someone famous is buried, but couldn’t remember who.


We arrived at Fabrezan, their beautiful town. Isabelle was finishing with her gardening and came to greet us. We started our visit with tea on the patio. So relax and cozy, far from the other tea party. Then we settled down, Adam went for his run, Isabelle started cooking dinner, and a minute later the house was filled with the most delicious aromas.


A sunset later we were ready to sit down for dinner. Muscat for aperitif, ratatouille, magret de canard, salad vert, potatoes, red wine from the region to accompany dinner,


and dessert [*drum roll please! ] Tarte tatin aux poires! Unbelievable! Best meal we’ve had during this trip. Indisputably. Hands down!


Right after midnight we realized the wine was gone. I was feeling tired, I was fading out, or, was I shrinking?


Time to go to sleep. It had being a wonderful day, afternoon, evening and night. Out of the loop of Canal du Midi, but worth each and every minute.

Thanks to our hosts and new friends, Adam & Isabelle, and thanks specially to David, who made it happened.

My love to all three.

Good night.