Day 21 – behind the wall

Every good thing must come to an end. I thought I couldn’t hate that phrase more than I already do, but I hated it even more this morning when I knew I had to leave Adam and Isabelle’s wonderful and welcoming place.

It was a cloudy morning, which was going perfect with the farewell mood. Adam took us back to Carcassonne to find our bicycles still in one piece.

Minutes later we were enjoying the peaceful waters of the canal du midi.


We landed at Bram around 4:00pm; it was early but the overcast day didn’t help much, so we decided to stop for the day and found, next to the canal, the back wall of a B&B with a small sign. It was convenient so we rang to see if there was a room available.

Behind the wall there was an available room, an available swimming pool, an available jacuzzi, and an available beautiful garden.

2012-21-Martirene-Canal-FR-183 2012-21-Martirene-Canal-FR-181  2012-21-Martirene-Canal-FR-182  2012-21-Martirene-Canal-FR-184

We checked in, and enjoyed the afternoon in this beautiful place, le Domaine Les Magasins


That night we found a small wonderful restaurant for dinner. We sat down next to the canal and the lovely Chef came to take our order personally. What a different treat from our experience at La Redorte! Sofia ordered crêpe à la crème de marrons to start with. Me, a Camembert au feu with a green salad. The Chef looked at us, eyes wide open, and asked “let me see if I understand you correctly, you want to start with dessert?” to which Sofia answered oui, as if it was the most normal thing to do. I wonder if there was some traces of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in her…


The Camembert was damn good! Her crêpe too.


After a good meal, we paid the check and the Chef said: see you tomorrow at breakfast for the aperitifs.

One more great day in our travels.