Day 23 – two flies, a wasp, a singing frog and a whale walk into a bar

We left our humongous bathroom and our little room and went in search of coffee and a wi-fi (le we-phee). After a couple of days with no connection I didn’t want to wait any longer to update the blog.

So, at 10:00am we walked into a bar, they call it a tabaquerie, but let’s face it, it’s a bar. Their wi-fi was sloooooow, but at least there was one. The coffee was nice and strong. While at our hot-spot, we were serenaded with a tv playing the latest hits by Duran-Duran, Hall & Oates, Phil Collins, Air Supply and others. Now that I think of it, maybe it wasn’t wi-fi, maybe it was a dial-up connection and we were trapped in a Twilight Zone episode. Thanks to the mach-1-speed, we hung out at the bar for about 4 hours, just like two barflies.


We ended up having breakfast and lunch there. Finally I was able to hit the upload button, with my myzpelllingz and all. We were starting to grow roots, and we wanted to get our butts in gear.

By 2:00pm we were back next to the lovely canal.


At this point the écluses are further apart from each other, so most of the trip is about enjoying the landscape, avoiding some distracted tourists on the path, and poor Sofía, listening to me singing at loud, from jazz to Hair, and Cri-Cri in between. God save her.


Then, a gorgeous lake. A pit stop to rest and enjoy the view. Life as I know it!


On one of my photo-stops I got attacked by some-sort-of-something-French, we think it was a wasp, never saw it. I was asked if I was bitten, it felt more like if I was beaten, at any rate my leg got eaten


We kept going on our lovely path, the canal was getting smaller or the boats were getting bigger.


The one thing we didn’t notice before was that, just like the écluses, the B&Bs were also getting further apart, and by the time the sun was starting to go down, and it was time to find food and shelter, we were in the middle of who knows where. Trees, water, sky and mosquitos, all around, but no chambers d’hôte.


Where were le Prince Noir, the Mad Hatter’s inn Domaine des Pins, La Tour, and Maison Eloi Merle.
And somewhere, far away…a piece of civilization. It took a few kilometers on the autoroute but we made it to a chain hotel.

Time for tea tree oil on the bite, or vaccinate against rabies.

Good night. Don’t let the canal bugs bite.

Oh yes, and the whale…