Day 25 – the king and his domain


Waking up among vineyards, been there, done that. Waking up among vineyards and wine barrels, today is my first time.


It is so wonderful to wake up in a domain, but to wake up at a domain where the owners are so welcoming is a complete treat. We had a wonderful breakfast and then I went to talk to Philippe and watch him work. He talked about wine making, fascinating!


Lunch time got closer and once again he offered us his car to go into town and get food. Other than petit déjeuner they don’t offer meals there. Literally a Bed & Breakfast


We ate in town, stopped by the market for a couple of things for dinner, and drove back the way we did on our bicycles to see how long was the uphill. Yes, we confirmed, a bit over 7 kms.

When we arrived back at the domain the sun had come out beautifully. What to do but get our bathing suits on and head to the pool.


A leisure afternoon of conversation with Sofia. When the sun was going down, I decided to update the blog. I sat outside the door, in the garden while listening to the owners music coming out of their window. It was twilight when Philippe came out with an apéritif for me, a glass of crème de mure, topped up with red wine (one of his domain wines). Sofia had arrived and offered her one too. Afraid of the headache the morning after she didn’t want one. He still came out with one glass for her saying: What is done right doesn’t do wrong.


It was so refreshing, not just the apéritif, the phrase too. Then Esmeralda, his wife, came to join us with some cherry tomatoes from their garden, an some berberechos to accompany l’apéro.


When Sofia and I were ready to go into our quarters to make ourselves something to eat, they came out to invite us to dinner. The table was served! Wonderful things from their garden. Champagne, best olive oil, pâté, foie gras, and camember au lait cru, among many, many delicious things.

2012-25-Martirene-Canal-FR-228 2012-25-Martirene-Canal-FR-230

All these serenaded by the king himself, Elvis Aaron Presley!
Heartbreak Hotel
Hard headed woman
I got stung
You’re the Devil in Disguise
Dirty, Dirty Feeling
I’ve got a thing about you baby
This is living
This Is My Heaven


(Any resemblance to reality of the title songs appearing in this work are purely coincidental.)