Day 26 (still) – the fat lady

But there wasn’t a fat lady singing.

We left the écluse and headed towards Montauban. We were going to ride along the Tarn, but about 3 kms later the road was closed, en réparation. This time we found a small road to ride on, with no trucks.

We arrived in Montauban faster than last time. I think it was our energy, still going, like two well charged batteries.


The bridge into centre-ville Montauban!


As we crossed the bridge into the village, we ran into a lovely welcoming committee from the Association Confluences, our hosts and sponsors. It was wonderful Agnés, on her bicycle, surprising us at the almost finish line.

She invited us to her lovely home, where she and Pierre fed us. We were very thankful for that. Remember, it was Sunday and everything was closed.


After a wonderful couple of hours with my friends, we took off, and escorted by beautiful Agnes, we arrived at Nicole & Maurice’s home.

The official finish line. Right where we started many days ago. We touched base.

Time to rest!