Day 26 – until the fat lady sings

Today is the last day of the bicycle trip. Even if I still have five more days in France. The riding along the two canals will be completed this evening.

I know it will be hard. Not because there are uphills, nor obstacles, but because it has been such a wonderful trip.

And the moment came…

The day started with a hearty breakfast. At the table the rest of the guest had their regular petit déjeuner, croissants, baguettes, juice and coffee. For us there were also eggs, cold cuts, yogurt, fresh fruits and cheese. The owner, Esmeralda, told us we needed a good meal to complete our riding, our journey.


All packed and ready to go I went to Philippe to get a couple of bottles to bring home. Those are the very few moments when I wished I had a car and not the bicycle. But then again, there are just so many bottles one can/should travel with.


We said our farewell, but I know deep inside that I will come back soon. [Revision: yes, I came back in 2014, still wonderful. Now by car, and a case of wine got in my trunk.]


The return was downhill, and with the wind on our backs, the weight of the wine in my bags didn’t feel so bad. Going downhill after the uphill feels like the greatest gift, and so much fun! Like a horse race! A little one.


Before reaching the canal, we stopped at the town’s flea market. A mere curiosity. Not cat’s were killed.


Somebody’s trash is someone’s treasures, right?

We reached the canal with nobody’s trash in our bags, heading north again, towards Montech; the point where we had left the canal before getting on a train to Séte.

It was so peaceful, I think we ran into just two peniches. Huge difference with the Canal du Midi where people ride up and down quite often. I don’t even want to imagine it on a summer weekend. Major traffic jams.


The ride to Montech was smooth and short, way too short for our daily average, but we were still going into Montauban, another 15 kms chez Nicole, give or take a few kms.

At Montech, there is a water slope (Pente d’eau), which is a type of canal inclined plane built to carry boats from a canal, or river at one elevation, up to or down to a canal or river at another elevation. Very cool.


It was our last écluse and we were closing the link.


The ride from the Atlantic


to the Mediterrané was completed.